Harry Potter: Get Rich or Die Tryin'
at 2005-11-25 on 3:14 p.m.

Happy Black Friday, everybody!

Thanksgiving day was kind of blah, but Caitlin and I made cookies and went to see GoF again, the night before, and it was awesome! We missed the first 15 minutes of the film due to theater confusion, but in the meantime we noticed a sign that read:

theater - Harry Potter
5D Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

Tee, hee... 50 cent is the only person gangstah enough to go up again HP's debut week ^_^

The Portkey sequence still kicked arse, Snarky Cedric was still...snarky(;)), Ferret Malfoy still went down Goyle's pants, Dan still looked quite nice during the bath scene (even Meg Cabot thinks so!), and I still teared up at the end.

Afterwords, the entire theater emptied except for us watching the credits. Caitlin and I were really hyper and, when the Yule Ball music came on, we walked right up to the flat ground in front of the screen and attempted to waltz! I pretended to be manly Krum (I really want to learn the Durmstrang boys' chroeography ^_-).

After all the credits ("No Dragons Were Harmed In the Making of This Movie"), we went outside to call Dad and it was snowing! In November!

So, overall, it was a fun evening. Now off I go to find underwater Photoshop tutorials.

Happy Holidays!

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